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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Women Following Their Passion

She Goes Painting in a Red Rain Coat, 1990, Gouache, 19" x 25", $150
Bouquet for Baby Buggie Blues, Stavanger, Norway, March 1994, 10" x 14", $90
Fisher woman in Pink, 10" x 14", $90

Here are some of the results from painting with rejuvenated watercolors and gouache kept in small jars. It is time not only to start new work but also look at older pieces that might be enhanced by a touch of juicy paint. Reviewing my work, I found three that I could put up for sale.
I still will post the mineral painted plate but I couldn't go to class yesterday because the car battery was dead and it took to long to fix.


Rain said...

What fun paintings. Definitely women following their diverse passions

Darlene said...

I see the need for a red rain coat because a mighty storm is brewing.