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Monday, May 18, 2009

Before going fishing - sharing not failed yet paintings of Tango dancers, Avarie Park and Garden in the Woods, Corvallis

The painting of the couple visiting under the redwood trees looked tormented in being over worked. But I won't accept failure yet. Not until I rip it apart and try some new compositions. Another visit to Avery Park in Corvallis is going to be in the near future. I remember How good it felt to use bold colors from my emotions when I was first painting it in 2001.

"Barb's Garden, Corvallis, started Fall 2001. Today added dark lamp blacks to punch out the flowers and trees, later I'll decide if it is complete, water media, 30" x 28", $200.

The plate has not been fired yet. At this stage I am not very pleased with my mineral painting. Filtered color is suppose to show through the over painting. I like painting fast and wet - not a good idea on a glazed ceramic because the oil ran especially on the tapered edges. I used so much oil that even baking it in a regular oven didn't dry the oil much. made a few repairs before the firing. I'll be picking it up late next week.


Darlene said...

Barb's Garden is glorious. I love the sky, the flowers and the little cat drowsing in the sun. It is the kind of painting one could never tire of viewing.

Parapluie said...

Darlene, I think I got across to you the feeling of Barb's garden. I never get tired of visiting her and her garden.