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Sunday, June 21, 2009

What is most precious - wildflowers on Rocky Creek Wayside ,Oregon

What is most precious to me is living in the moment and sometimes trying to capture it with the camera. Well the photographs are not like what I saw and felt not exactly. The energy of the moment is what I put down on canvas. The series about well cared for steers isn't really about steers and flowers as objects but about being alive. If you have no scientific explanation about why something is precious to you and you just love it, then is it spiritual?

June grasses and daisies in back of our place about 8:45 PM.

I would like to hear about what paintings or photographs you are making to express what is precious to you and how you feel about what you are expressing. Is your art spiritualas well?


Rain said...

After writing about what is spirituality for awhile, I feel like I know less about what it means than I did. It's a big word with many interpretations.

I think that art, photography definitely included, can be about being in the flow. Most artists know how that feels, like the work flows through you and you feel you are connecting with the energy of the paint, the brush, and whatever it is that is trying to flow through you to the canvas to express those 'feelings'. It is letting the energy of the experience take hold which could be called spiritual certainly by some interpretations of that word... maybe *s*

Parapluie said...

Very perceptive, Rain. Thanks for your comment.