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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fresh after Rain Storm

"Fresh after Rain Storm" is acrylic on museum wrap canvas 16" square with painted sides 1 3/8" deep,can be hung with or without frame, for sale $150. Yesterday afternoon the sun came out after the rain then a blue bird sat in the walnut tree for a minute. I watched by a warm wood fire in the shop looking through the windows that I had just cleaned. In the evening the thermometer dipped almost to freezing, there were predictions of snow, and I took my paints to our warmer garage adjacent to the house. This morning there was a skiff of snow on the bare ground and some in the trees.
The snow melted before I finished writing my thoughts on boycotting on Rain's blog. http://rainydaythought.blogspot.com While writing, I had an epiphany. I am going to paint volunteers for government. There is so much anger in the world, I want to celebrate the good hearts and importance of volunteers. I will start painting my husband who has volunteered his whole adult life assisting the government. He volunteered for the Whatcom County Mountain Rescue in Washington State assisting the Sheriff department and boarder patrol for about ten years. Now that he is fully retired he is volunteering for Oregon Department for Fish and Wildlife.
In yesterday's post in regards to drying of paints in our shop, once a barn and very cold in Oregon, I am continuing to research different paints. I am waiting for answers to my questions from several other paint manufactures including Grumbacher and Stephen Quiller. The different manufactures have different paint properties. Grumbacher requires a varnish to make the paint have integrity. Quiller has acrylics with body similar to oils. I have always liked the intensity of Lascaux Aquacryl. A small amount of color goes a long ways. Liquitex Super Heavy Ivory Black is light for a black. Hair driers can be used to dry Liquitex but Golden paints can crack if exposed to strong air flow. Reading all the information on acrylic paints is a real eye opener for me. I'll be writing more about what I am learning.

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