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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moving my acrylic painting studio

To help out my husband who is allergic to acrylic paint fumes, I have quit using Golden Acrylics in the house. Today my husband cleaned the shop and we moved a paint supply cabinet next to the wood stove. The problem my husband points out is that the paint will freeze.
Two solutions come to mind. Buy a space heater or move the paints into the garage every time freezing temperatures threaten. Here in Oregon we could have a freeze as late as May.
Tomorrow I am looking forward to painting on some new canvases.
Another problem is the shop is filled with a mower, hand tools, wood working, and metal working tools. There isn't any wall space. So while I will paint in the shop, I must store and look at my work elsewhere. The painting gallery will be in our motor home because my husband says the paintings are still wet and give off fumes long after they are dry to the touch.


Rain said...

Neat solution to a difficult problem with his allergy. Best wishes on your new space and its creative energy

Parapluie said...

Thanks Rain,
Knowing that my husband is feeling better away from the acrylics will make us both happy. I will have freedom to feel good about painting again.

rob ijbema said...

never heard of being alercic to acrylic diane,how about oils?
i keeep the oils out of the house and always thought acrylics could do no harm...anyway glad you get it sorted!

Parapluie said...

Unlike the early liquitex acrylic paints I used back in the 1960s Golden acrylics have some additives that could be irritating to an allergic person. Now there are many mediums and chemicals added to improve the paint. In the 1990's I was covering large areas with wet acrylic paint and the fumes made the coating on my glasses come off. A few months ago I dropped a whole bottle of acrylic medium and some of it splashed onto my glasses and removed the coating. And when I used the acrylics in airbrush, I would blow color out of my nose and my head ached. Even when I covered my nose and mouth my eyes would swell shut.
I not only gave up airbrush, but I also gave up acrylics for awhile. Not for ever I risk headaches and use smaller amounts of wet paint. Most of the time I do not get a head ache when I paint now. Only my husband has difficulties with the small amount of paint that I use. I suspect his problem is not the paint but the wood surfaces I have been painting. When ever he makes wood supports for my paintings, he also gets an allergic reaction from the freshly cut wood.
I am thinking if his wood allergy continues to bother him I'll be taking more and more of his shop space. And our house will become a safe zone with very little stuff in it to keep it hypoallergenic.

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