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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bond Butte Pond Bio-enriched

Here is a look at my progress. For those who have not been reading my blog, this is a painting to celebrate volunteers and contributes to Oregon Department State Fish and Wildlife. Mother of the Woodlot is helping her grandson release a fish into the pond that received her wood lot small trees for fish habitat at one of the lakes along Interstate Highway 5. The lake was formed when the gravel was dredged out to build up the freeway above the wetlands.
this painting isn't for sale yet because it will be my entry into an invitational exhibit, "this Everlasting Valley II Exhibition in may this year.
In a few days when Hewlett Packard returns a repaired hard drive and we are set up, I'll post a better and completed painting. there is still work to be done on this one. This is my second painting of the subject in which I want to relate the sheltering barn with these volunteers and with the tree she donated seen submerged on the right.

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