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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Brickett and hairdryer forge a digging stick

Yesterday my husband enjoyed making a forge to hammer out a pipe to a sharp end. This is a tool for an elderly native American friend who likes to use a digging stick instead of a shovel in his garden. The pipe makes the tool lighter weight than a crowbar. I think this digging stick is exceptional.
While Don was hard at work I tried some finishing touches on my Tango exhibit paintings. I am still wondering what my new direction will be in my art journey. Reading the history of Argentina Tango, the music began to have political content during an oppressive regime. Then the Tango was banned. I think folk art including dance is real art. People do really meaningful work when there is a felt need. In the 21st century we are entering a new age and I wonder if art will be made to be given away as gifts or will be more marketable filling real needs. Should I be asking what I can do to help people with my art? In the past I did some paintings of creative people and tried to honor them in paint.

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