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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Filtering Brush Strokes demonstrated by Antonia Acock

Antonia Acock is an accomplished well known mineral painter working with oil and mineral pigments on glazed china. She opens her studio teaches students on Monday afternoons. She does not like to call her art China painting because today the craft has been discovered by painters as a creative art. On Monday I was happy to start a plate with the feathered filtering method. Some colors need to be applied in order because the gold pigment pinks will block under painted colors. In this exercise we were to do flowers. I have picked a hard one says Tony because I am painting another gardenia painting with tango dancers from a difficult perspective.

Filtering is a brush technique that I have avoided because the beauty of the brush stroke and mark is my style. In Filtering transparency is important allowing the light and gloss to partially glow through the pigments. Antonia is very tolerant of my digression from tradition. I left three strong edges on my plate for the faces of the dancers and one gardenia petal. Next Monday I will photograph the plate after the firing and also my finishing touch before the second firing.


Darlene said...

I'm looking forward to the photo of your plate.

Parapluie said...

I can't wait until next Monday to see how the first firing will turn out. Toni says it will be brighter but I think the pink will be toned down with the mixture of the gold that makes pink and the blue which is some other metal. I want a gray to show the whites of the gardenia. I can work with any way the colors turns out because the way I paint is an interactive dialog.