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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Beginnings

In my three centuries of existence, children were the quickest to grasp what I am about. Eight year old Diane knew me best when I was her doll. Then as a young woman she became informed that I had been broken and she had lessened my value by polishing off layers of black patina. Underneath the red patina was the most stubborn but with determination she removed that too.She wouldn't understand my sword pointed to my head.
This is one new variation for the beginning of "If a Family Heirloom could tell all. Another one might be: I have been a Goddess, a Queen, a Warrior, a Peacemaker and an artist model just to mention a few of my identities in my years.
I'll be incubating the story for a few more months without adding to the blog here.
This Saturday I will hang an exhibit at the Philomath Public Library.


Darlene said...

I have just finished reading the series on Aracapana. It is fascinating reading, Diane, and I have enjoyed it very much.

The history and drama of the figure is all new to me and I find it to be educational as well as very interesting. Thank you for a series of great posts.

Parapluie said...

Yes, thank you Darlene.
My grandfather in 1961 expressed in his facial expression that the Chinese history I was studying in High School fell far short of what needs to be common knowledge. He said someday I might enjoy studying it in depth. I haven't studied it nearly enough. But the more I have become aware, the more questions I have of the relationship of East and West.
As yet my story doesn't cover how th Silk Road Trade impacted Islam. I notice though none of the trade routes passed through Mecca and Medina. When Islam evolved and spread, the forests of the past had recently degenerated into desert. The winds and blowing dust made it more comfortable to crouch in a fetal position while praying. Then the Muslims would feel their humble state. They would not have the benefit of following the words with a questioning finger. This is just a guess: Ultimately the desert conditions may have caused the decline of the Golden Age of Islam of scholarship, architecture and scientific accomplishments.