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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Precious Vase series: Respect #3

The first two paintings of respect (above and to the left) were showing the vases leaving only footprints on the ground as they rocketed above the earth. Their fuel came from within. Their inner stars pushed out revealing outwardly their inner selves.
Their fuel came from within.
Each vase was shouldering against the other in mid air.
These are very complex concepts to express. So I did not put these paintings in the library exhibit for children.
Rethinking the symbols I came up with one that was wide and flowed up in a cylinder.
It deviated from the vertical moving aside to make room for one that was skinny and spiraling outwards until it realized it was going to collide.
To prevent conflict it respected the space of the wide blue flowing vase and took a different path as well.
One is the water and the other is gold both of value and each respecting the other.

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Parapluie said...

Today I am going to the Philomath Public Library to listen to the 10:00 AM story hour and hope to get some feedback about the art work.
The precious vase series at the library is called "The most awesome thing series" which I hope preschoolers will be able to answer. I'll get a reaction from their parents if they aprove of the plan to submit my results to the Art in Embasses Program.
Today is an important day in my plans for 2010. I will also be meeting with two wonderfuly intuitive artists - Linda Rees and Diane Hoff Rome.