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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Reviewing and planning my 2010 paintings

My friend "Rain" and "arm Boss brought back a painting they were borrowing for their second home in Tucson Arizona. The big painting is called Desert Morning. It was painted in 1965 when we were living in Arizona and Rain's and my husband were doing graduate work at the University of Arizona. The painting is 35" x 57" acrylic on canvas.
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Rain said...

It looks good there, like it is happy in its new setting. We were sad to see it leave Tucson but glad it is happily back with its creator. I rearranged my art last week and should photograph how it is now too. I have the Organ Pipe one up and the Navajo rug now above the fireplace. It took awhile to get things organized how I like them and might yet change some more.