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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Philomath Public Library exhibiting my "What is the most awesome thing ever?"

January 8 - 30 the paintings and ceramics of my Children's Ceramic Project has its premier showing at the Philomath Public Library. The show in the show case and the walls is about what is most highly valued by people who have answered my blog questions. On a low table by the showcase there is a suggestion box so kids can write what is the most awesome thing ever. If I get a good response and the Library feels good about my work, in September I will do another show of ceramics based on their suggestions. Then we will schedule with the area schools, a library field trip and I'll get to meet an audience for my art work. When schools have severe budget cuts, an art experience like my project might be meaningful.

A few coincidences : Kids get to vote on what they value most right next to the adult citizens' official ballot box. Second, the paintings about what is most wonderful and most highly valued fit just above the shelf on Buddhism. The second green painting is of "A Long Good Life" taken from an interview of the then 84 year old High Lama of China Tibet. Then in the children's corner there was a shelf up high where the painting of my great grandmother and father fit perfectly. She was teaching my father English who spoke only Russian his first three years. He is drinking hot chocolate while she peals a Mandarin orange. In front is an antique book of Aesop Fables. What could be better for the children's corner?


Rain said...

How neat. It sounds like a great idea on concept. I hope it can expand for you. And the most awesome thing ever to me is love. It's beyond explaining and goes from the simplest to the deepest feeling imaginable.

Parapluie said...

Love is a wonderful idea for the awesome series. My granddaughter made a ceramic bowl for Love and if I get a chance I'll see if she will give it up and I will find a space for it in the showcase.

Anonymous said...

I just posted on my blog about your exhibition - it sounds great. Best of luck with it.

Parapluie said...

Thanks Cath,
I feel lucky. Very lucky. And a wonderful compliment you being not only an artist of merit but also a librarian.