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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Memory from Woodsman Restaurant, Philomath, Oregon

When a painter friend and another friend, a weaver, and I entered the Woodsman Restaurant it was a very gray dreary day. We had a hot exotic Thai food lunch. We talked about the meanings of words like conceptual art, abstract art, objective art, non-objective art and gesture. The language about art is ambiguous. Gestural art could mean the human gestures of the subject or gesture could mean the movements of the artist leaving a mark where a gesture was made. Concepts could be the idea of a physical body and a realistic depiction. Or conceptual could be a meaning we put forth that doesn't have a physical shape. It was also clear that these words mean different things to different people.

This talk did not give me much food for furthering a group exhibit. Then when we were getting up to leave the sun started to light up the room and I saw a couple eating by the window and all the steam rising. I just loved the image and drew it from memory.

I could not detect much interest in arranging a group show around the theme of what is most precious and around expressing what is precious in ceramic material or woven fibers. The story hour for preschoolers was not well attended. I did receive a suggestion from a boy. He said books were the most awesome thing ever. And then he wanted to stay longer and draw a picture of his other idea an apple. These are very physical but the idea of being nurtured in both is intriguing.

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