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Monday, February 11, 2008

Continuing the same modular

Here is the first modular frame with borrowed boxes from the diptych. Surprising how different the mood is by changing the panels.

I paint abstracts very much like I do representational and fantasy. Often colors are mixed on the surface of the painting. They are adjusted by layering. sometimes I do not like the textures that build up.


Kim said...

I really like this series! The colors are wonderful, and I really like the textures.

Parapluie said...

Kim, Thanks for your input and encouragement. For awhile I wasn't sure about the meaning of this four square modular. I just wanted to extend the symbolism as well. the texture is chalenging me as a photographer of my own work. Along with the interference paint the texture gives the painting different appearances and moods as you move from one side or the other. The modular frame has many of the same qualities as sculpture.

Kim said...

Oh, I so get that! It is difficult to get the textures and special paints to photograph properly. It really needs to have a full photography studio to make that work well.

I love the modular frame a great deal! You are right, it is very sculptural and that is combining two wonderful art forms! How much fun can that be?

Sometimes, it is better to just produce and allow the pieces to tell you what the meaning is as it all develops. Sometimes, though, they just do not want to communicate. But that is okay, too.

I will be back visiting you more! Watching you is quite fun.

Parapluie said...

Thank you Kim,
I very much appreciate having you watch my development.
I am adding on to old posts if I want new work to be seen next to previous assemblies.