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Friday, February 15, 2008

Painting the infinite in the manner of the Chinese

1996 Watercolor painting is primarily an arrangement of zigzag perspective. At the time I wasn't thinking I was painting like a Chinese painter. Then well known watercolorist Carolyn Lord from California picked up on the Chinese concept in this painting. Since then I study "Principles of Chinese Painting" by George Rowley. It is an exceptional book to ponder.

For those of you who not have been reading my blog for awhile, last month I started an artist statement with a visual collage of my development. The metaphore I used to organize my photos was a cross section of an egg. The center was the major impressions that are food like an egg yoke for my painting. The white is pictures of me at work from childhood until recently. The space around the egg contain paintings representive of my linear and dragon-like paintings. The watercolor is in this detail of my development collage.


Martha Marshall said...

That one is a keeper, Diane! Don't go on a frenzy like mine and disappear it.

Parapluie said...

I see from reading your blog we are both in the down sizing mode anticipating a move into another life style. Down sizing with this goal has been going on for five years. I have come up with laws. 1) Every month before doing new work I decrease the number of paintings that are framed ready to be hung on the walls. 2) Every spring and fall some paintings are are cut up keeping only a small part. 3)Heat the cradled boxes with a hair drier and peal paint off to reuse them. 3) Put all but a few of my better older paintings up for sale. start collecting work representative of development even if the development doesn't look spectacular yet. 4) Enjoy my collection by sortifng it to find connections between old and recent works. 5) One of my most recent rules might be to avoid over working. Posting work on the blog helped me to see that making changes often decreases the spontanity and doesn't improve the work. I am interested to see what you do with your collected work.

rob ijbema said...

Diane i like this suggestive painting,
simple and fresh,you accomplised what you sat out to do...

Parapluie said...

Thank you Rob. I appreciate the comments on this one because for some reason there are a number of locals who hate this one. that is the way it is here in "Arcadia". i am encouraged to use this one as a standard for whether I should keep or recycle other work.