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Friday, February 22, 2008

The eclipse and thoughts of the future

The moon and the eclipse may not be what is energizing me to take stock of what I am doing. I started looking at my life and progress in painting before my current solo exhibit. But then again maybe the cyles of life does have direct bearing on my thoughts.
This painting is for sale. "Moon Eclipse" is watercolor with matte medium and acrylics on a wood 7" x 5" deep cradled box. $98

This is a still life I set up for some Albany artists who came to paint and have lunch. We are toying with a name for our group. Shirley suggests Kaleidoscope Artists. I put my foot in my mouth saying that I couldn't spell it. But I like the word. I think it describes the diversity of possiblities we have.

I used to fancy myself as an artists' artist. In a few instances I am sure I have influenced some. My blog might help me in that direction. But I would also like to sell some. It is not my greatest love to market my work. I really like to demonstrate that I just don't hack out my paintings and want all to know the depth of my involvement. So I think for me showing my work along with my process will mean that my art will find new homes where they are fully appreciated. I do plan to put early work and paintings I did in collaboration in on-line galleries this year. I am also wanting to get my work out to venues farther away from home this year with my solo exhibit in Keizer my first step. But I am not going to make paintings just for sale. First they must be for my own satisfaction.


Kim said...

Oh, your post hits close to home. I, too, love the process, but would like to do more selling. I think this issue is two fold...our economy is horrible and I, also, am not willing to paint for sale. It is a quandry at the moment.

That being said, I adore your moon painting. There have been quite a few of those going around lately, but yours has some of the most wonderful texture. Yes, it clearly speaks of cycles, doesn't it?

Hang in there, I know it is going to be better! I believe it!

Parapluie said...

Thank you Kim. We are not alone.