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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Orange Moon Rise

The watercolor on paper, "Orange Moon Rise" (12" x 9") was begun at Arizona Alamo State Park. It is a watercolor on paper 12" x 9". One evening the moon, very large and orange, was rising as the sun was setting. This painting is mostly memory remembering the uneven detail of the orange glowing moon and the deep blue of the sky. I couldn't capture it in a photograph and required layer upon layer of paint.

"Pebbles Bathed in Moon Light" is watercolor on 120 pound Arches 20" x 16". Both paintings are for sale $100 each plus postage.


Rain said...

I really really like this series of work you have shown from your trip. Have you thought about creating a blog for just it; so that the viewer can get the full impact of this trip, the inspirations that led to the paintings. I think it's been very successful

Parapluie said...

Rain, Thank you for your encouragement. It would be nice to have a blog with just the Arizona paintings. I have some more that I have not posted and thought that I should now continue with current works.

katie jane said...

I really like this. I'm only begining to dabble in watercolor a little bit, but this one I like. My favorites of your works are the "When I Get to Be Older" series.

Parapluie said...

Kate, Thank you for visiting my blog. I will check your blog. I love glass.

Clevelandgirlie said...

I like this one even better (moon on the pebbles) it's beautiful and I can just imagine being there and seeing that in person - the way the light dances across the water and onto the shore. Really lovely.

Have you ever been to Monument Vally, AZ? That is quite an inspirational scene.