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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Pebble from Cebolia Camp

"Primal Pebble"
I picked up a cool pebble in our Cebolia camp.
If she could see and speak, she could tell us an epic story.
Rounded and polished in the Colorado's ancient glacial floods,
her surface is blackened by air and sunlight.
The shiny black conceals a heart of hot iron colors from a fiery birth.
Ages ago sister rocks were visited by native hunters
who carved through the black to warm life colors.
Prayerfully imaging their memories, maps and dreams
the natives made the blackened rock a character in our story.

"Primal Pebble" is acrylic on canvas 48" x 24" for sale $500.

To connect with a tour of spiritual painting click here.http://umbrellapaintingjournal.blogspot.com/2008/01/modular-frame-3.html#links


Cath Sheard said...

Oh my, this has such great texture and depth. Love it :-) Looks loike your trip really filled your creative centre.

Parapluie said...

Thank you Cath,
Our trip was explorative and not where I would have picked. I was happy with what I found to stimulate my creativity. But going to Cebolia and other fishing holes in the Yuma area was stimulating one time only. Next year I am much more interested in going farther East as well. Cath, I adore your NewZealand, When we were in New Zealand in 2003, I was very stimulated.

Rain said...

I really like that poem and the picture. Your found objects are great. Makes me wish I had brought more back with me this year

Martha Marshall said...

Diane, please forgive my late arrival to this post. This painting and poem are so beautiful. And thank you so much for participating in the inspiration challenge on my blog. It was something I thought about as a fun exercise to do, but I truly loved your photo of the treasured stones and bits of crayon arranged on the background. Thanks again for participating.