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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday Season at Government Camp and Salem, Oregon

On request from my son-in-law, here are some holiday photos. In about three weeks I will return to blogging with some new directions. I enjoyed china painting on a tile at a party of the Independent Women Artists of Corvallis.
I did a 3" x 2" porcelain tile from this drawing done at the wedding.We were very pleased at how well the Chevy Tracker handled in the snow when we went up Mount Hood for a December Wedding.

Here are some of the first pictures of my 8 yearold granddaughter.


Kay Dennison said...

Great photos and the tile is lovely!!! Happy New Year!!!!!

Parapluie said...

Thank you Kay, I'll pass the compliment on to my yong granddaughter photographer. The drawing of the dancing bride and groom is crayon on brown wrapping paper. paper and crayons were provided at every table in anticipation of entertaining more children than made it. The tile is being fired and I hope to get it back later this month. I will post the results of my first china painting the last week of January.