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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Linda Rees Tapestrys at DIVA, Eugene

two photos of exhibit by Dennis Galloway

Linda Rees’ tapestry exhibit, “Putting Content to Color” at DIVA, Eugene, Oregon.
With great pleasure I viewed Linda Rees’ tapestries yesterday evening just before and during the First Friday, Eugene Art Walk. We are both veteran members of a marketing group, Fiber Design, dating back to 1977 through 1978 in Bellingham, Washington. During this period Linda’s designs were based on Southwestern geometric rugs. She departed from Hispanic tradition by using their design elements to make shapes and patterns expressive of her own life. Each new piece stretched the limits building one experience upon another in an admirable journey. Linda experimented with color moving from the natural wool colors to brighter died yarns from the spool ends for commercial carpets.
Linda Rees also started experimenting with curved shapes in her tapestries. I am the proud owner of her first or one of her first tapestries, “Pile of Rocks.” I was drawn to an interesting play between the hard idea of rocks and the softness of woven wool. Some of the yarn for this piece was hand spun by Linda. My tapestry and Rees rug adds much warmth to my home. The warmth comes from the wool but even more from it being a work made from the patient, enduring heart of an artist. Her work is an inspiration to my painting because of her process and deep personal involvement in each tapestry.
Linda Rees will be giving a gallery talk Friday December 12th at noon at DIVA, 110 W Broadway on a corner of Broadway and Olive in Eugene, Oregon. The gallery is open 12:00 - 5:00 PM Tuesday - Saturday. Linda's exhibit will be up through December 23rd. For more information click on the gallery's web site here www.divacenter.org


Kay Dennison said...

Wow!!!!!! These are terrific!!! We do a First Friday arts thing here, too!

Parapluie said...

Thank you, Kay. I hope to make it back to Eugene. There are many galleries there.