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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Woke up to snow - the early arctic blast for a white Christmas?

My better half at the wheel.
The news media may have over reacted to a storm that may or may not materialize into the demon they predict. The storm is rushing me for preparations for our children flying into Portland, Oregon for a wedding in our family, and Christmas gift making and shopping. After rushing about this season, a rest will be very much needed. So I will be taking a little break from blogging returning with new vigor later on in January.
One of the activities I plan in my break is to catch up on my favorite art blog links. A new one just added yesterday is Ellen Beier's. http://www.ellenbeier.com/ She has been a published illustrator for 20 years. Her historic fiction for children is exquisite. Ellen invited me to her home and studio yesterday. It is impressive how she reads and reads to familiarize herself with the period of time, places and people in her book illustrations. There are many steps in preparation before the illustrating begins.


cathsheard said...

An artic blast? Oooh, yes please! It is in the low to mid 70s here, which for us is quite hot. Yuk ;-)
Have a wonderful break and a happy festive season. Hugs...

Parapluie said...

"Arctic blast" is the news media term for our series of snow and ice storms reported to be the worst in 40 years or so. Our family has been driving the high passes and have so far slipped along without incident. But keep praying that our family will be safly home for Christmas.
Hugs and wishes for a happier holiday for all weary travelers.

cathsheard said...

One of our local weather guys on TV talks about "polar rodents" - it drives me mad. I want the weather, just the weather, thanks. But I still fancy just a hint of arctic blast - today has been far too hot for me.
Like you, I wish all those who are out and about a safe trip.

Parapluie said...

The day after Christmas here! and we have only a light cover of frost and up North they are thawing. Have a good year and I will be back to reading comments and posting late in January.