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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Resolution of my experimental novel, I am Darion Painter

Here I go again, fast forwarding to chapter 10 and the satisfying ending right immediately after the deepest darkest climax. The climax came to me in a dream last night. But first a few words will cover chapters 6 through 9 in which Diane identifies the characters in her dream. Mad Hatter was one facet of her personality. Mad Hatter was at the wheel of the car that went out of control narrowly missing her lean and hungry side, Penny. The other mysterious character was the person Darion wants to become -Jeannette Cougar Woman. Cougar Woman chased Penny who fell in the deathly snow and was almost killed by my car before getting up and slashing Mad Hatter's tires.
My friend Rain Song wisely says that Mad Hatter is one who does everything for everybody else. Mad hatter actually has many hats more than her bird nests and paint brush head coverings. She also has a nurse cap, a baseball cap, a cooks hat, and so on. She always has to have a hat and feels guilty about doing things just for herself. And yet she resents her other hats and will keep on doing more and more paintings without taking care of herself or her other commitements.
Then in chapter nine she dreamt that she was trying to drive a delivery truck out of her drive way and the wheels kept spinning. But she must get the truck moving to deliver all the matches for people to light holiday candles. The weight of the world's celebration depended upon her. How rediculous she realized it was. It finally became clear what she must do to become the person she wants to be. She will take time for herself without always having to feel that everything she does has to be for someone else.


Rain said...

Interesting outline and premise for a book. You have your work cut out for you if you go ahead with this. It's complex but looks like it has a message that should be meaningful to a lot of people :)

Parapluie said...

Rain, thank you for giving me the idea that I could write a novel. And your sustained encouragement. I AM DARION PAINTER is good as a proactive exercise in changing the course of my life as an artist and woman. It is yet to be determined if I will sit down and really work this idea up into a real book.

Kay Dennison said...

I think you should go for it! I think you have a great idea worthy of development!

Parapluie said...

Thank you, with encouragement like yours and with my own need for change, I will say "NO" to most invitations to exhibit in order to devote time to writing. Having never tried anything more than short stories, this will be an adventure. It is good for a body and mind to try new activities.

I am having a hard time saying, no, with two invitations I have been considering seriously just today. Seriously I went through three stacks of paintings to see if I had work to enter in the Fishing Story of Oregon exhibit. And I do have some poignant examples that would need just a couple of days work to photograph, make a cd, and fill out the submission requirements. Then frame them. I have been personally approached twice to enter. And these paintings would I think help the show. The other commitement was an e-mail asking for a donation without prospectus. Made me wonder where these people found my name.