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Monday, December 01, 2008

The Mad Hatter Darion, Installment Four

This is, as all of you know who follow my blog, one of Darion Painter's personalities. Darion is the main character in my experimental novel. She is the mad hatter in me saying: All I want to do is paint. Who cares about anything or anybody else but me. I don't answer the telephone. Could be a bill collector. I don't comb my hair or brush my teeth and the blue birds build nests on my head. Their waste adds great texture to my paint, don't you think?
This novel is about solving the secret of a life changing dream. Dreams like this snowy night dream are messages to bring inspiration and life into my painting. These dreams are all about unlocking my painting process. I don't remember the dream as well as I did a few installments back and could use some help in that respect because at my age my memory is not as keen as it used to be. Or perhaps you only remember what you can handle. I do hope it is only aging that is at play here and not dementia in one form or other.
One thing I do know : This drawing is not the secretary of my dreams. In my dream I didn't get a good look at the person who chased the one who tripped and fell in the snow. I hope I have not confused you. I might have hit the one laying in the snowy road when the car went out of control. I think she got up slashed my wheels and then tried to open the door and get me. She was familiar and I remembered who she was right after the dream, but now I have forgotten already who she was. I think she is the one who slashed my tires. Maybe if we make some more pictures I will remember as I help Diane draw. Now the personality that attacked me was lean and hungary. For sure I can draw that Darion personality and the secretary tomorrow.

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